About Us

1. Most of the companies always maintain a target pressure on their respective distributors, mostly without realizing the actual potential of the product consumption in the area and financial capability of any distributor. OILVOIL gives such distributors a better platform to sell and achieve their targets and hence, a chance of better purchase for the buyer.

2. Most of the automobile shops are having huge quantity of non-moving or very slow moving stocks lying at their shops or godowns, which either is of no use for their list of customers or its clientele is unknown to them. For Ex. any spare for ambassador car may be less in demand in Rajasthan but could be very acceptable in west Bengal(Kolkata). Shop owners want to release such stocks at the earliest to realize back their dead capital, and hence an excellent deal can always be expected for the benefit of all. Another Ex. to strengthen above statement is that most of the fuel pump owners are billed lubricants in a fixed fuel/ lube ratio, which might be a less interest field for them. OILVOIL links such better offers to the probable customers.

3. Companies usually themselves are interested to link with very big sales points to ensure volumes and reputation of their brands.

4. Most of the purchases by big construction companies or ltd. Companies is done by their representatives or their purchase offices. This creates a chance for commission/bribe to happen. OILVOIL can help hugely to such fleet-owners or the companies to compare the prices and eradicate corruption.

5. OILVOIL helps maintain an ethical level margin on automotive components and control the very high margin earned by some distributors to a respectable level.