What is this site for?

OILVOIL.COM is the unified system for finding, purchasing and selling lubricants, spare parts, filters, batteries etc., for all automobiles and heavy equipments. Buyers send requests to the website and suppliers respond with quotes to the website. All transactions are strictly through website only.

What does oilvoil implies?

OILVOIL generally comprises all necessary spare parts along with lubricants, i.e; all types of spares and lubricants.

How it works?

  1. OILVOIL.COM collects buyers and suppliers of lubricants, spare parts, filters, batteries etc., for all automobiles and heavy equipment in one place which simplifies search and purchase of necessary spare parts.
  2. Buyers send requests for quotation (RFQ) for spare parts on the website and indicate their intention to buy requested spare parts. Similarly, suppliers put their offers on the website indicating their intention to sell.
  3. If suppliers have the spare parts, they can respond with their quotes.
  4. Buyers receive quotes from our franchise suppliers, and accept or decline them.
  5. Suppliers or buyer’s do not have access to each others contact details. All the transactions are through Franchise network of OILVOIL.COM.
  6. All payment and delivery transactions are committing directly between the Franchise and the buyer.

What are the advantages of this system?

A large number of national and international suppliers participate in our system. When an offer or a request is submitted through this site, it is sent to all interested suppliers and possible customers of that particularly categorized product. If a supplier has the spare parts you need, then you will receive one or more price quotes. This saves time in searching for parts and offers one or few very refined options on quotes.

How much does it cost to send a request or an offer through this site?

Sending a request is free. You can send any number of requests without paying anything. Also, you can upload your offers on excel sheets and other formats as well.

How can I make a request?

Just add a list of spare parts at http://www.oilvoil.com/ManualEnquiry.aspx, enter your contact details, and click on Submit. The request will then be immediately sent to OILVOIL.COM.

How can I put an offer?

Just add a list of spare parts at http://www.oilvoil.com/OfferRegistration.aspx, enter your contact details, and click on Submit. The offer will then be immediately sent to OILVOIL.COM


Can I contact a supplier/customer directly?

Sorry, you cannot contact a supplier or a customer directly.

How do you make money from this?

We charge our franchise a variable business generation fee or/and fixed subscription fee.

What about spam?

We do not show your contact details to suppliers on the website.

How do you fight against scams?

We perform a check on every supplier in our system. However, we strongly recommend that you check supplies from the franchise before accepting the franchises invoice and making payment.

What manufacturers (brands) participate in this system?

A large number of suppliers (includes companies, distributors, retailers and fleet owners) participate in our system. Together they have any spare part and lubricant for any manufacturer of construction, agricultural, mining, processing, or other automobile and heavy equipment.

What countries participate in this system?

All countries in the world. We gathered and continue to gather in one place suppliers from around the world. If your country does not have suppliers for the spare parts you need, other suppliers from other countries can ship them.

Why can’t the site just list all prices for spare parts?

Many of spare parts for automobiles and heavy equipment are not manufactured in such large quantities. They are often in short supply and manufactured as required. The prices from various manufacturers and suppliers are subject to change. This means that we cannot keep up-to-date prices on our site. Moreover, we have suppliers other than manufacturers as well. We aim to simplify the process of searching and purchasing spare parts. If you have any comments or suggestions, send them to info@oilvoil.com